Mu Chapter Alumni Update #5

Keeping Up The Sig House...

Following are a variety of 'snippets' that help show what it takes to look after our lovely 85+ year old mansion... as told by 'The Clerk Of The Works' (aka Brother Bill Mason '57):

DU Alumni Assn Sign in Sig House Lawn

It's official, Denison's Alumni Office has officially moved into the Sigma Chi House; a permanent relocation... as new sign in the front lawn attests!

A professional moving company got the job done, protecting the front stairs and wall when moving in their office furniture.

This move now tends to guarantee our rental  income well into the future, ensuring occupancy on a more permanent basis; a good deal for both parties!

A meeting with our new occupants informed them about the nuances of this 85-year old mansion, how the security system works, and how they can get help with any issues by contacting Conni Purtell, Donna Tegtmeyer or me.

The decision made to move our Greek letters off the upper front facia of the building to the front door and in its place install the words Sigma Chi in large letters turns out to have been a very good one.

Ours is the only fraternity on Campus totally controlled by our own Alumni Association. All the other fraternities are University dormitories, completely controlled by the University. The Betas and Kappa Sigs still own their buildings, but the University has put so much money into each of those structures, their alumni have no control over their destiny or operation. 

Sigma Chi is the only fraternity on campus that retains its original Greek identity (ergo, the Alumni Office must say that they are "located on the 2nd floor of the Sigma Chi House").

With this move of the DU Alumni Office, the second floor now has five occupied offices: \four DU Emeritus Professors plus the Mu Chapter Alumni office shared by Donna Tegtmeyer and me.  The rest of the second floor belongs to Mu Chapter Alumni Association. On the third floor, except for the Chapter Room, Denison's Investment Office occupies all the space. 

Sig House Landsccping

Completed in time for Alumni Weekend, the Sig House looked great; new trees, huge rocks on both ends of the porch, mulch, grass and sorely needed new shrubbery at the base of the front porch wall (all thanks to John Lowenberg '64 and others).

Two large holes in the south lawn were filled, and plans underway to put a couple coats of paint on the entire white exterior trim (thank goodness 98% of the dormers and all House window frames are white aluminum!).

The need to make improvements around the House is everpresent. And, considering the high profile of our new tenants, we must be prepared to take on new projects.

Presently under review is a new heating system to replace the old steam set up; our 85-year old steam pipes periodically need to be replaced.

The good news is that the new landscaping in front has come into its own and enhances the look of the stone mansion. And with the additional work around back, the rear of the building shows well, too, with landscaping down the rear concrete stairs.


Meet Mu Chapter's Newest Housemother, Conni Purtell

Mu Chapter Housemother, Conni PurtellFor nearly a hundred years, decorum, politeness and grace defined the style of Mu Chapter Sigs. A proud legacy of resident Housemothers over the years helped see to it!

That tradition continues with the employment of Mrs. Conni Purtell as Mu Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity Housemother. She took over this position from former housemother, Carolyn Mugavin, in February 2015. Conni established her residence in the totally refurbished, private Housemother Suite located on the lower level of our Historic Sigma Chi House.

Mrs. Purtell grew up in nearby Westerville and graduated from Westerville High School.  She also lived previously in Granville Township before moving to Newark. Her four boys, all currently living in Newark and Columbus, have blessed her with three grandchildren.

Conni has proven she is comfortable caring for people of all ages, having served as cook and aide in several local area assisted living facilities.  She has accepted a staff position with Denison’s Physical Plant, a job that causes her to rise early but also allows time for babysitting her grandchildren.

Mrs. Purtell graces the Sig House with a bright smile and cheerful welcome to all visitors and serves as a friendly presence and confidant to members of the Active Chapter who are encouraged to seek her counsel.  Her goal is to ensure, in addition to academic studies and what The Norman shield teaches about our Fraternity, that our young men also learn lessons of respect, courtesy and good manners!

Although relatively new in this role, Conni
is working out well, according to Bill Mason. Says Mase, "It pleases me to no end how proud she is of her apartment which she keeps in spotless condition. She enjoys inviting visitors to the Sig House to see her apartment and is assuming more and more responsibility for the things I did in the past. She's a good fit, interacts well with Donna Tegtmeyer, and is a participating teammate!"

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