Richard C. Harman '35 Life Loyal Sig Award

DU ‘12 Grad Is First To Receive New Leadership Recognition

William Remington "Remy" Mooney, who would graduate from Denison that afternoon in the Class of 2012, was recognized by members of the Mu Chapter of Sigma Chi at Denison as the active member who best represented those qualities of character and leadership that have guided the Fraternity for 150+ years.

The presentation took place on May 13 in the Sig House at Denison during the pre-graduation breakfast held for Sigma Chi seniors and their families.

Remy Mooney receives R.C. Harman LLS RecognitionThe award, named in memory of Richard C. Harman ’35, a Denison Alumni Citation recipient and member of Sigma Chi’s prestigious Order of Constantine, is known as the “Life Loyal Sig Award.” This award was introduced in 2012 and its first recipient is Remy Mooney, shown at left receiving the Life Loyal Sig badge from Steve Harman '62 on behalf of the Richard C. Harman family.

Criteria for the award is the “Jordan Standard,” a statement of Fraternity values set down by one of its founders (Isaac M. Jordan) that states that a Sigma Chi member should be…

A man of good character, a student of fair ability, with ambitious purposes, a congenial disposition, possessed of good morals, having a high sense of honor, and a deep sense of personal responsibility.

Mooney was the unanimous choice to receive this award in voting by chapter members, having distinguished himself as one who embodied the values of the Jordan Standard and who had excelled in every leadership role he had held in the chapter over 3+ years.

In addition to this recognition from his peers, he also received a special designation – known as “Life Loyal Sig” – that provides lifetime membership with a lifetime subscription to the Magazine of Sigma Chi.

The name "Remy Mooney" is engraved onto the perpetual plaque on display in the Sig House, showing that he is the first recipient of the Richard C. Harman '35 Life Loyal Sig Award.

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