Active Chapter Update - 2017 Derby Days

This Update is contributed by Active Member, Corey Chapman '17, who serves as Mu Chapter's Philanthropy Chair and who is leading this Special Derby Day event to suupport the Oligo Nation, a brain cancer research organization organized 3 years ago by a Mu Chapter Brother of Spencer Greene '14, who contracted this rare form of brain cancer..

Springtime at Denison Is Made For Derby Days
It's sping on the hill! The cold weather has ended, flowers are blooming and Granville is showing its finest colors. In addition to warm weather and blossoming flowers, spring has a special place throughout Sigma ChiIn the hearts of Mu Sigs, Derby Days holds special significance because of its connection with one of its very own -- Spencer Greene '14.-- and the support given in Spencer's name to cancer research by the Oligo Nation. Senior-year Consul, Cory Chapman, cleared Mu Chapter's direction with Sigma Chi Fraternity and has pledged Mu Chapter to donte $1,000 of the total it raises to support the Huntsman Campaign.
Oligo Image
Last year Mu Chapter raised $15,000 for Oligo Nation, a brain cancer research organization started by a Mu Chapter brother of Spencer Greene. This year, the chapter set a goal of  $25,000 to help support continued research by Oligo Nation. Click the image above for more information about Oligo Nation's work.

Why Oligo Nation and Sigma Chi?
Oligo Nation is a non-profit brain cancer research foundation that was started on behalf of Spencer Greene, a member of Mu Chapter Sigma Chi. A 2014 graduate of Denison, Spencer spent most of his college experience battling Oligodendroglioma, a rare brain cancer. Not only was Spencer diagnosed, but shortly thereafter his brother, Zach, learned that he too suffered from Oligodendroglioma. It was then that Oligo Nation Foundation was formed which has raised over $3 million dollars to fund research and begin to investigate how to treat this rare form of cancer.

What is Oligodendroglioma?
Oligodendroglioma comes from oligodendrocytes, a type of cell that makes up the supportive, or glial, tissue of the brain. What is the impact of having Oligodendroglioma? Depending on the location of the cancerous tumor(s), one could suffer from one or all of these:

  • Headaches

  • Seizures

  • Weakening of one side of the body

  • Personality shifts

  • Short Term memory malfunction

Goal Of Mu Sig Derby Days at Denison
Mu chapter of Sigma Chi has supported Oligo Nation for the past three years since Spencer's diagnosis. Last year we raised a chapter record of $15,000. This year we want to have a bigger impact and have set our fundraising goal to $25,000. For more informaton about this Special Derby Days campaign contact the Active Chapter's Philanthropy Chairman, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Conontributions to Oligo Nation in its fight to cure this rare form of brain cancer are tax deductible.
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