Mu Chapter Alumni Update #5

Keeping Up The Sig House...

Following are a variety of 'snippets' that help show what it takes to look after our lovely 85+ year old mansion... as told by 'The Clerk Of The Works' (aka Brother Bill Mason '57):

DU Alumni Assn Sign in Sig House Lawn

It's official, Denison's Alumni Office has officially moved into the Sigma Chi House; a permanent relocation... as new sign in the front lawn attests!

A professional moving company got the job done, protecting the front stairs and wall when moving in their office furniture.

This move now tends to guarantee our rental  income well into the future, ensuring occupancy on a more permanent basis; a good deal for both parties!

A meeting with our new occupants informed them about the nuances of this 85-year old mansion, how the security system works, and how they can get help with any issues by contacting Conni Purtell, Donna Tegtmeyer or me.

The decision made to move our Greek letters off the upper front facia of the building to the front door and in its place install the words Sigma Chi in large letters turns out to have been a very good one.

Ours is the only fraternity on Campus totally controlled by our own Alumni Association. All the other fraternities are University dormitories, completely controlled by the University. The Betas and Kappa Sigs still own their buildings, but the University has put so much money into each of those structures, their alumni have no control over their destiny or operation. 

Sigma Chi is the only fraternity on campus that retains its original Greek identity (ergo, the Alumni Office must say that they are "located on the 2nd floor of the Sigma Chi House").

With this move of the DU Alumni Office, the second floor now has five occupied offices: \four DU Emeritus Professors plus the Mu Chapter Alumni office shared by Donna Tegtmeyer and me.  The rest of the second floor belongs to Mu Chapter Alumni Association. On the third floor, except for the Chapter Room, Denison's Investment Office occupies all the space. 

Sig House Landsccping

Completed in time for Alumni Weekend, the Sig House looked great; new trees, huge rocks on both ends of the porch, mulch, grass and sorely needed new shrubbery at the base of the front porch wall (all thanks to John Lowenberg '64 and others).

Two large holes in the south lawn were filled, and plans underway to put a couple coats of paint on the entire white exterior trim (thank goodness 98% of the dormers and all House window frames are white aluminum!).

The need to make improvements around the House is everpresent. And, considering the high profile of our new tenants, we must be prepared to take on new projects.

Presently under review is a new heating system to replace the old steam set up; our 85-year old steam pipes periodically need to be replaced.

The good news is that the new landscaping in front has come into its own and enhances the look of the stone mansion. And with the additional work around back, the rear of the building shows well, too, with landscaping down the rear concrete stairs.


Meet Mu Chapter's Newest Housemother, Conni Purtell

Mu Chapter Housemother, Conni PurtellFor nearly a hundred years, decorum, politeness and grace defined the style of Mu Chapter Sigs. A proud legacy of resident Housemothers over the years helped see to it!

That tradition continues with the employment of Mrs. Conni Purtell as Mu Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity Housemother. She took over this position from former housemother, Carolyn Mugavin, in February 2015. Conni established her residence in the totally refurbished, private Housemother Suite located on the lower level of our Historic Sigma Chi House.

Mrs. Purtell grew up in nearby Westerville and graduated from Westerville High School.  She also lived previously in Granville Township before moving to Newark. Her four boys, all currently living in Newark and Columbus, have blessed her with three grandchildren.

Conni has proven she is comfortable caring for people of all ages, having served as cook and aide in several local area assisted living facilities.  She has accepted a staff position with Denison’s Physical Plant, a job that causes her to rise early but also allows time for babysitting her grandchildren.

Mrs. Purtell graces the Sig House with a bright smile and cheerful welcome to all visitors and serves as a friendly presence and confidant to members of the Active Chapter who are encouraged to seek her counsel.  Her goal is to ensure, in addition to academic studies and what The Norman shield teaches about our Fraternity, that our young men also learn lessons of respect, courtesy and good manners!

Although relatively new in this role, Conni
is working out well, according to Bill Mason. Says Mase, "It pleases me to no end how proud she is of her apartment which she keeps in spotless condition. She enjoys inviting visitors to the Sig House to see her apartment and is assuming more and more responsibility for the things I did in the past. She's a good fit, interacts well with Donna Tegtmeyer, and is a participating teammate!"


Mu Chapter Update #4

Sig House (10-2-14)The legacy lives on!

   Keeping up with an 84 year old House requires constant attention which our Alumni Association leadership has taken seriously.  

   Each spring a program is outlined for summer vacation completion and it's reassuring to announce all updates have been completed as planned.

   Extensive painting including many of the offices on the second and third floors (now rented by Denison for office space) provides a new sheen and clean image.Sig House 2nd Floor

   Outside painting was conducted by the nationally syndicated Student Painters organization that hires college students to run their own summer business venture.

   Interior painting also included the third floor (formerly the sleeping dorm, now occupied by Denison's Investment Offices also rented by the University) with a new two-tone paint scheme that provides a new look and warm feeling to frequent visitors and office holders.Former 3rd Floor Sleeping Dorm

   Basement recreation room upgrades, mostly for cosmetic effect, included the addition of new heavyduty ping-pong tables. Sig House Basement (10-2-14)

   Vinyl pads were added to the back basement stairs, plus all the existing 7 landings were covered with the same vinyl/rubber material, increasing the safety of the back entrance used by office-holders.

   A number of electrical upgrades/repairs were also completed including an exterior outlet at the rear of the House and doorbells at the front and rear entrances programmed to ring in both the basement recreation room and Housemother's apartment.

   Bill Mason '57 Tends Historic ClockMany historic fixtures of the Sig House are prized featuresone holding special prominence, the grandfather clocka gift from the Class of 1917 that was restored by Pete Ullman '50 and keeps perfect time. Bill Mason '57 performs the weekly winding ritual to ensure that it does! 

  Of course, in any 84 year old Home, unexpected emergencies are not a rarity and this summer was no exception!  Right after painting the Housemother's apartment bathroom we detected a mysterious dampness on one wall.  The wall became so moist an inspection hole was cut through the ceiling that revealed the wetness not only had been present for years, but that it had produced black mold making it necessary to cut away more ceiling and eventually two walls. A leak in a union of copper pipe most likely had been there since the renovation back in 1999-2000. It had taken all these years for the drip to saturate the area and finally appear in the Housemother's bathroom.

   Such is the daily plight of maintaining an antique mansion, but what a beautiful tribute to the past and bright beacon for the future!  Our Old Home on the Hill remains a focal point on the Campus landscape and stands as a symbol to our resolve to keep fraternity life fulfilled even in a non residential atmosphere.  

   That's why we all have good reason to stand tall and be proud!

- Bill Mason '57

Other Sig House scenes include:

Sig House front door    

Historic Registry Plaque

Sig House Front Stairs

   Refurbished Front Stairs.


Sig House Front Hall

   Sig House Front Hall, looking into Dining Room, showing guest-book table and portrait of William P. Huffman '11, Grand Counsel of Sigma Chi Fraternity.

Sig House Brigham Wentis Memory Room

   Brigham-Wentis Memorial Room and Active Chapter Study/Computer Room

Woody Hayes Varsity Sweater

   Woody Hayes '35 Memory Room, with Woody's Varsity "D" Sweater.

Woody Hayes Memory Room

   Woody Hayes Memory Room Display

Sig House Living Room Fireplace

   Sig House Living Room and Fireplace... photo spot for many group and individual pictures.


Sig House Living Room

   Sig House Living Room... IFC meeting in session; one of many groups using the Sig House.

Mu Chapter Update #2

Second in a series of updates about Mu Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity:
The Active Chapter at Denison and Mu Chapter Alumni... Published by
Mu Chapter Alumni Association.

Meet Sigma Chi's Mu-vers 'n Shakers:

"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans," said the Beatles' John Lennon. And so it is with Mu Chapter... many changes to keep up with... changes Mu Chapter Sigs may wish to be informed about.

Introducing the leaders of both Active and Alumni Chapters... the Movers 'n Shakers of Sigma Chi at Denison:

Sandy Thomson '59 - President, Mu Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity Foundation

Sandy_Thomson'59Sandy may be the most well-connected Mu Sig there is!

Named one of Denison's Lifetime Trustees in 2013, he has been helping to guide our Alma Mater through some of its most turbulent times, most recently helping to recruit and install DU's 25th president, Adam Weinberg.

For Mu Chapter, Sandy led the charge to establish its Foundation, becoming its first president. The Foundation now stands as one of the few such organizations in this country to receive 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. At the same time, he was instrumental in organizing the Quest 2000 Campaign to Restore Mu Sig Pride that raised over a million dollars to create an educational mission while mounting what can only be described as an historic rennovation of the Sig House, preserving it as Mu Chapter property while others of Denison's fraternity chapter houses became university dormatories.

From the late 1990s until the present time, Sandy has been a guiding light in mobilizing both Denison's and Sigma Chi Headquarters' leaders to sustain Mu Chapter as a viable, successful active chapter while putting it on a strong financial footing with long-term agreements to lease to Denison unused sleeping/study spaces that are suitable as working offices for DU's emertii professors.
Over this same time, Sandy received the Fraternity's highest alumni recognition with induction into Sigma Chi's Order of Constantine.

Sandy's team of Foundation Trustees includes Pete Ullman '50, Bill Mason '57, Dick Dusterberg '60, Steve Harman '62, Steve Knoop '78 and Dean Weaver '89.

Dean Weaver '89 - President, Mu Chapter Alumni Association

Dean_Weaver'89Nobody will disagree that Dean has endured his "back seat" status long enough!

As Alumni Association president, Dean Weaver willingly deferred to the Foundation's priorities -- Sig House Restoration, revitalizing the Active Chapter, achieving a mutually agreeable relationship with Denison (that Dean engineered) -- while waiting to ressurect the Alumni Association. 

With Dean's oversight, the Alumni Association is being reactivated -- after more than a decade of (some would say) neglect. That's what this website is all about... that, and the email communications that seeks to reconnect Mu Sig alums with their chapter and with each other.

Dean maintains close ties with Denison to assure that the lease is renewed in a timely manner each year... and with Active Chapter officers to ensure that the Chapter House has full utilization. As such, he is the champion of each Mu Chapter Alum -- each automatically a member of the Alumni Association. And it is Dean's "voice" we hear in these updates about goings on at the Sig House and notable updates concerning and involving Mu Sig Alums.

Bill Mason '57 - Sig House Manager and Trustee of the Mu Chapter of Sigma Chi Foundation

Bill_Mason'57BIll Mason has been dubbed the "Clerk of the Works" for his abiding care and oversight of the Sig House.

Some might say that this comes with the territory: "Mase" and his family have their home in Granville and his daily involvement with both Denison Lacrosse and DU Swim Team varsities makes him the "go-to" guy for anything involving the chapter house; plus, he maintains his business with SchoolMatch in an office on the 2nd floor of the north wing of the Sig House.

But proximity alone does not explain his insistence on maintaining the historical elegance of the House... or that he is often cast into the role of "surrogate Chapter Advisor" when Liam Shanahan (see below) is not immediately on hand.

An added benefit is Bill's service to Granville as a Granville Township Trustee which puts him at the forefront of many critical town & gown relationship issues... and strengthens his ties with the DU Adminstration as well as with the officer team of Active Chapter officers.

By nature, "Mase" is a "mover 'n shaker" -- a role he embraces with enthusiasm when it comes to the smooth running of the Sig House and, as an active player with the Alumni Association and Mu Chapter Foundation. For such exemplary service to the Fraternity, Mase was inducted into Sigma Chi's Order of Constantine.

Ryan Temby, Rutgers '90 - Grand Praetor, Southern Ohio Province

Ryan_Temby_Rutgers'90In 2009, when he revealed that he'd been instrumental in colonizing the new Sigma Chi Chapter at Rutgers when he was an undergrad there, Ryan Temby announced that he was chomping at the bit to fill the opening as Mu Chapter's Chapter Advisor. And when he said his home was in Powell, Ohio (30 minutes from Granville), it was a dead cinch!

Ryan served Mu Chapter as an actively involved Chapter Advisor until he accepted the Sig HQ appointment as Grand Praetor for Southern Ohio Province chapters (Ohio Weselyn, Ohio State, Denison, Univ. of Cincinnati, Univ. of Dayton, Ohio University). His work with Mu Chapter had given him that sort of visibility and reputation.

But being Chapter Advisor, as Ryan had learned, was a demanding responsibility -- doubly so given his heavy travel schedule as an IT Sales Executive for Hewlett-Packard (he was named "HP Account Executive of the Year" in 2011). Still, he became a Friday afternoon regular at the Sig House which created strong connections with Mu Sig Actives.

When Sigma Chi tapped him for the Grand Praetor position in 2011, Ryan recruited Liam Shanahan to replace him as Chapter Advisor but has retained strong connections with Mu Chapter even as he has gotten involved with the other schools in the Southern Ohio Province.

Liam Shanahan, Beloit College '07 - Chapter Advisor

Liam_StranahanFellow Irishman, Liam Shanahan, was hand-picked by Ryan Temby as his successsor for Chapter Advisor for the Denison Sig House. No surprise there!

While Liam's credentials are considerably different from Ryan's, they are no less impressive: Fire-fighter with heavy-duty training, Liam has completed EMT courses at the Ohio Fire Academy, Columbus State, and Ohio University and presently serves as a Firefighter-Paramedic for Washington Township Fire Department.

Meanwhile, he has helped direct two 'by-the-book' initiation rituals at Mu Chapter and is working closely with Will Koontz and the current team of Active Chapter Officers to support their mission to maintain their "Best of the Greeks" reputation at Denison.

Will Koontz '15 - Consul

Will_Koontz'15Mu Chapter's roster now includes 37 members and pledges, with five presently studying abroad. Mu's current leadership team, headed up by a Junior, Will Koontz, is setting a new standard for fraternities on campus. And lead... Will does!

Initiation is scheduled for April 13 with the annual, all-hands Derby Days fundraiser set for April 14-18.

On March 30, Mu Chapter held its first Active/Alum Brotherhood event -- a Skeet Shoot -- that everyone felt was a success.

And the chapter has voted on the individual who this year is to receive the "Richard C. Harman Life Loyal Sig Award" -- to be documented in this space in about a month.

Members of the Active Chapter leadership team, together with chapter responsibilities and their home cities , include:

Will Koontz '15 -- Consul -- Cranberry Twp., PA
Drew Newman '15 -- ProConsul -- Pittsburgh, PA
Clinton Barber '15 -- Quaestor --  Lower Gwynedd, PA
Matt King '15 -- Annotator -- Glen Rock, NJ
Zach Fleming '15 -- Magister -- Cincinnati, OH
Connor Dunn '16 -- Kustos -- Denver, CO
Hank Donaldson '16 -- Scholarship/Tribune -- Farmington, CT
Clark Bullington '16 -- Risk Management -- Houston, TX
Jeff Higman '15 -- Brotherhood Chair -- Skaneateles, NY
Max Burge '15 -- Public Relations Chair -- Louisville, KY
Caleb Randall-Bodman '14 -- Derby Days Co-Chair -- Duxbury, MA
Matt Neeson '15 -- Derby Days Co-Chair -- Devon, PA
Spencer Greene '14 -- Philanthropy Chair -- San Anselmo, CA
Colin Phelan '16 -- Rush Chair -- St. Louis, MO


Contact information for brothers reported on in this section may be found in the online Mu Chapter Alumni Directory (
Submit notes and news items to be published here to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Tod Heyman '52 Memorial Bench Dedicated

bench dedication

On October 9, 2015 at the Sig House, the family of Tod Heyman '52 gathered to dedicate this memorial bench in his honor. Mu Chapter Consul during his senior year at Denison, Tod had kept close ties with his Fraternity and Alma Mater throughout his life. He entered the Chapter Eternal on March 2, 2014. The bench, situated on the front walk in front of the Sig House, bears the plaque shown in the inset.

Dusterberg '60 Receives DU Alumni Citation

Dick Dusterberg '60 Receives DU Alumni CitationIn May 2015, another of Mu Chapter's sons was recognized by his Alma Mater.

Richard B. Dusterberg, for more than 20 years, has dedicated his law practice to assisting families with children who have dvelopmental and mental disabilities. His expertise in the field has allowed him to help families not only in his hometown of Cincinnati, but throughout Ohio. In related work, he is Chairman of the Board of Directors for Community Fund Management Foundation, the largest pooled trust in the U.S. for people with disabilityyies.

Along with his wife, Kristin, he helped establish Starfire Council of Greater Cincinnati, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities.

While still engaged in his law practice, Dick returned to school to earn three graduate degrees in the liberal arts, including a PhD in French Literature. Since 1986, he has taught French courses at area universities and to corporate business executives.

For more than a decade, he helped guide the academic and financial mission of the University of Rio Grande, culminating in election as Chairman of thDick Dusterberg's familye Board in 2008. In recognition of his service, the University conferred its Honorary Master of Public Service Degree.

Brother Dusterberg is the author of The Official Inaugural Medals of The Presidents of the United States, the first copy of which he presented in 1971 to President Richard M. Nixon at the White House. Nixon later appointed him to the U.S. Assay Commision, whose members supervise the purity of Ameican coinage. Dick later was appointed to seven presidential inaugural medals committees for five U.S. Presidents. Additionally, he hs published numerous aticles in law, history and numismatics.

Dick was a commissioned officer in the U.S. Marine Corps  (1960-63), partner in two large law firms, Law Director for the City of Montgomery for 23 years, and a magistrate for the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. He managed numerous international student exchanges for his Rotary Club.

At the Alumni Citation presentation, Richard B. Dusterberg was honored for his fulfillment of Denison's aspiration for all is graduates; a life motivated and enlarged by the liberal arts, and his commitment to others who depend on his unique blend of professioinal skill and personal compassion.

The Alumni Citation is an honor held in high esteem by Denisonians, due largely to the small number of Citations awarded through the years. Established in the By-Laws of The Society of the Alumni, it is bestowed upon Alumni "who have achieved recognized leadership among their peers through outstanding contributions and services to the professional, civic, business, or religious life of the nation or to the advancement of the University."

Mason '57 Helps DU Students Honor Veteran's Day

As 'Mase' tells it...

Col Oliver North and Bill Mason '57

"Several months ago a small group of Denison students asked me to help honor local Veterans on Veteran's Day.  They already had made arrangements for an honorary guest: retired Col. Oliver North... best known for the moving testimony he gave before a joint congressional committee investigating the Iran-Contra affair during the late 1980s.

At the evening event sponsored and funded by students, about 30 local Veterans were invited to dinner at Denison's Burton Morgan Hall, with Col. North in attendance.

Relaxed and casually dressed, 'Ollie' devoted one-on-one time with every person in the room, speaking about what Veteran's Day meant to him.

Following the dinner, Col. North stood at the door to the banquet hall and spoke personally with every attendee, spending several minutes with each."

Summarizing his take on the evening, Mason said, "He was super impressive!" 

PHOTO NOTE: When someone told him that Mason had served as a DU coach, Col. Norh asked how long he'd been with the University. Mason answered, "Since my freshman year in 1953..." to which North said, "You have to be close to 80... someone get a picture of us!"

Lamb '63 Initiates Annual DU Psych Dept Award  Lamb-Wolf Psych Dept Award

When Doug Lamb was a DU Senior Psychology Major contemplating what to do post-graduation, his major advisor, Dr. Irv Wolf, encouraged him to apply to several graduate schools. Doug did; ultimatately obtaining a doctorate in Clinical Psychology which led to a fulfilling and very satisfying career, mostly at Illinois State University.

In honor of Dr. Wolf's influence, and in recognition of the 50th anniversary of his graduation from Denison, Doug established the Lamb-Wolf Graduate School Award to assist a selected psych student each year to cover his or her graduate school application expenses. 

In May 2014, Dr. Lamb awarded the first stipend to Briella Baer '14 (inset photo), an outstanding undergraduate senior in Denison's Psychology Department.

Hall '64 Credited For So. Korean Hostage Release

According to a 10/27/14 story in The Columbus Dispatch newspaper, Brother Hall played an instrumental role in bringing about the release of Dayton, Ohio journalist, Jeffrey Fowle. As reported:

(North Korean analyst for the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, Victor Cha) Cha suggests that Fowle’s release is nothing more than a gesture from North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un to former Democratic Rep. Tony Hall of Dayton, highly regarded among North Korean officials for past efforts to deliver food aid.

Hall, who has traveled to North Korea at least eight times and served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, sent emails and made phone calls to officials with ties to North Korea to persuade Pyongyang to release Fowle. (Fowle, 56, of West Carrollton near Dayton, had been awaiting trial after he was accused of leaving a Bible in the bathroom of a sailor’s club in Chongjin, where he was traveling as a tourist, according to Reuters.)

Rare Alumni Initiation Planned

Don Bryant, Jr. '64 will fulfill his long-standing dream of becoming a full-fledged member of Sigma Chi Fraternity!

The 2014 50-Year Reunion ClassMu Chapter's Class of 1964latched onto this novel idea to recognize one of the outstanding men of their class who, as an undergrad Social Member, has remained close to the Fraternity and to Mu Sigs from that era for nearly 50 years.

Donald L. Bryant, Jr. '64

On December 7th this year, Don will be initiated into Mu Chapter of Sigma Chi in connection with the regularly scheduled fall 2014 undergraduate initiation. As an exception approved by the General Fraternity, Don's initiation will follow a formal, although abbreviated, pledgeship.

Although infrequently used, the Alumni Initiation process will closely follow the Sigma Chi ritual and all the customary aspects of formal initiation.

The first step to kick off this process was taken by Mu Sigs of the 1964 Class, including Hugh Fullerton '64, John Lowenberg '64, and Nick Zimmers '64... facilitated by Ryan Temby, Rutgers '90, Grand Praetor for Southern Ohio Chapter and past  Mu Chapter Advisor. As the pieces fell into place, the Initiation DateDecember 7, 2014was set.

Don Bryant is Chairman Emeritus of the Bryant Group, Inc., an organization he founded in 1967 to design and fund employee and executive benefits. He since has become an internationally regarded art collector and significant benefactor to Denison University. His name, synonymous with the study of studio art and art history, now is given to Denison's Bryant Arts Center, a renovated and reimagined Cleveland Hall.

At his 50-Year class reunion in 2014, Don received Denison's highest recognition, the Alumni Citation.

2014 Denison Alumni Citation Recipients.

Our University's highest award given to Denison Alumni honors those who have achieved the highest levels of leadership in their fields. Citation awards are given during Class Reunions each May.

Donald L. Byant Jr. '64
Mu Chapter Social Member, Don Bryant, was recognized with the Denison Alumni Citation for his national reputatation as an art collector (annually one of Art News Magazine's "Top 200 Collectors in the World"). His name, synonymous with the study of studio art and art history, now graces the Bryant Arts Center, the renovated and reimagined Cleveland Hall.
Tony P Hall '64
Brother Tony Hall received Denison's Alumni Citation for his service to the United States as U.S. Ambassdor to the United Nations and for his dedication to finding ways to alleviate world hunger through training and educational programs for the leaders of emerging nations. He is a three-time nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.
John D. Lowenberg Sr. '64
Brother John Lowenberg received Denison's Alumni Citation for his leadership in the field of investment banking... skills that have accrued to the benefit of the University where, during his 19-year tenure as chair of the board's Investment Committee, Denison's endowment increased more than tenfold.

Steve Harman '62

On August 1, 2013, Brother Harman received Sigma Chi's Seven Lights Alumni Award "... for his dedication to the principles of the Fraternity introduced by our seven Founders and the reasons we honor their names."

Seven Lights Alumni Award

This recognition was introduced in 2013 at the annual Balfour Leadership Training Workshop. Harman was in the first group of alums to receive the award which initially was presented on August 1, 2013.

Formal presentation was made on May 31, 2014 at the 50-Year Sig event held in the Sig House by Ryan Temby, Rutgers '09. Temby (left in the photo), one of those who recommended Harman for the award, made the presentation.

Ryan Temby initially joined the Mu Chapter family as Chapter Advisor. He now serves the Fraternity as Grand Praetor, Southern Ohio Chapters.

David Crouse '77

Brother David Crouse is the fifteenth Mu Chapter Sig to receive the Significant Sig Award. The award citation given in 2009 by the General Fraternity contained these words:

Sigma Chi Fraternity takes pride in presenting the Significant Sig Award to recognize alumni for their professional achievements that have brought honor and prestige to the Fraternity. Established in 1935 as a simple token of recognition, The Significant Sig Award has become one of the most distinguished awards in the Greek-letter world.

David Crouse is the founder of Crouse Entertainment Group, a media company that specializes in creating high-quality documentary film and television productions. His 1991 documentary "Alaska’s Bald Eagle: New Threats to Survival" won an award at the prestigious Jackson Hole Wildlife Festival, and his group’s documentary "Lost in Middle America (and what happened next)" was nominated for four Emmy awards in 1999. His most recent production, which won a 2003 Emmy for its soundtrack, documents the life of author C.S. Lewis, and is narrated by Academy Award-winner Sir Ben Kingsley.

Commenting on this recognition, David recalls that he began his 40-plus years in radio and television as a DJ and news reporter at WDUB, ultimately becoming station manager in his senior year. He lived in the Sig house most of his college career. "I have worked in every capacity of broadcasting," he said, "And have the distinction of being the first producer in television history to secure interviews with five former U.S. Presidents for a single TV documentary."

Stan Clauson '66

Frank L. "Stan" Clauson, Jr. reports that he recently was elected president of the Colorado Chapter of the American Planning Association. In Aspen, he is president of his firm of planners and landscape architects, providing services to mountain resort communities. His son, Fritz graduated from Kenyon in 2009, which afforded many great opportunities to visit Denison during Parents’ Weekends. Fritz recently completed his Masters in Planning at the University of Colorado-Denver. Stan and his wife, Judy, have two other children whose families also live in Colorado: Elli, a teacher in Basalt; Max, a telecommunications executive in Boulder. Stan and Judy have four, wonderful grandchildren (all girls) which, he notes, "... will make a great ski posse."

Lewis Clark '09

Living in New Taipei City, Taiwan R.O.C. puts Brother Clark a long way away from his home in Dayton, Ohio! He originally went to Taiwan to teach English as a foreign language and since then became involved with a website called "Taipei Trends" (, a travel and promotion organization, where he's contributing articles, putting up ads, organizing and hosting events, etc. Lewis says, "Things are really picking up, too! Very exciting stuff!"

Andy Stromwall '04

President of the Sigma Chi Southern Milwaukee Alumni Chapter, Brother Stromwall presently is featured in a welcoming video on the new Alumni Chapter website. (

Bill Bowen '55

Awarded the National Humanities Medal on July 10 in a White House ceremony. Brother Bowen was one of 12 recipients of the award which honors individuals or groups whose work has deepened the nation's understanding of the humanities, broadened citizens' engagement with the humanities, or helped preserve and expand Americans' access to important resources in the humanities. Brother Bowen is president emeritus of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and Princeton University.


Sigs In '63 Class Awarded 50-Year Pins

Among those attending the Reunion Luncheon at the Sig House were these Sigs from the Class of 1963: Dr. Douglas H. Lamb and C. Richter Taylor, class Consul. A total of 23 Sigma Chis and distinguished guests were on hand to recognize this event.


Doug Lamb '63 and Rick Taylor '63 receive "50-Yr. Certificates" and the 50-year pin from Alumni Association president, Dean Weaver, at the Reunion Luncheon held in the Sig House on June 1, 2013.


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