Chapter History

In 1931, the first bricks and sticks were placed on Denison's loveliest spot for what was to become as beautiful a fraternity house as ever graced any university campus.

Sigs of the Class of '35 were fortunate to be the very first four-year occupants of the Sig House, which may help explain why that class has set such a profound example of keeping tightly connected to Mu Chapter and to each other. And that same spirit has infected the more than 1,600 Mu Sigs who have been initiated into Sigma Chi since our Chapter’s earliest days in 1868.

This is the predicate of great longevity: a set of inspired values and firm beliefs, passed from one generation to the next, creating lifelong loyalties and a deep sense of pride.

Silent witness to Mu Chapter’s proud history abounds: just tour our Sig House today and see it all on display. Photographs, paintings, and memorabilia are the main elements of the attractive décor.

If anyone has or can supply class year photographs / composites for the following years, please let us know.

Missing Class Year Photography:
1942 - 1951, 1964, 1966, 1970, 1972, 1974, 1978 - 1983, 1985 - 1991, 1993 - 1999

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